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sash Window repair

IWP Dansk timber sash window repair

Maintaining your timber sash windows is not only integral in defining the characteristic of your period home, but is also vital in ensuring comfort, eliminating drafts and reducing noise levels. The attention to design, traditional skills and the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of original sash windows are rarely emulated today.

At IWP Dansk we understand that preserving the original sash window wherever possible is important to the aesthetics of the property, especially with older and listed buildings, that’s why we aim to repair and restore the original sash window wherever possible.

Only the traditional materials and practices should be used for the repair and conservation of windows in listed and period building.

We have over 35 years’ experience in the restoration and repair of timber frame sash windows, as well as the knowledge and experience in dealing with the stringent planning restrictions and building regulations associated with heritage and listed buildings.

We offer a UK-wide sash window repair and refurbishment service including:

  • Rot removal and resin repair
  • Draught proofing
  • Replacement pulleys and cords
  • Spiral balance replacement
  • Security – specialist locks and catches
  • Sash window refurbishment, box and sill repairs
  • Stained glass repairs, cleaning and restoration (both stained and leaded light)
  • Re-glazing and film application
  • Hand made traditional sash windows

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sash timber window repair

Prevent draught
Keep warm and reduce your energy bills and help the environment – we have saved our customers £1,000’s over the years on their heating bills.

Eliminate rotting wood & mould
Prevent full window replacement – we will always try and restore but sometimes when windows are left for too long there is no other choice – which is why its good to keep them well maintained.

Block out external noise
Our windows offer excellent insulation including from noise pollution.

Ensure optimum operation for ventilation & safety
Sash windows can often get jammed and stuck – this causes a serious risk for those inside and also ventilating the building.



When restoration isn’t an option, we ensure all of our timber is sustainably sourced and FSC approved. We manufacture in the UK using local suppliers, which not only ensures flexibility but also minimises our carbon footprint and keeps traditional craftsmanship. Find out more about our bespoke timber window manufacture service here.

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