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Sash window restoration and repair

From the experts in British timber window manufacture and installation


Any owner of a period home will be aware that maintenance of their sash windows is vital to sustaining the beauty and longevity of the property. Ensuring preservation of your timber frame windows, not only keeps yours home warm and secure, especially in the autumn and winter months, but protects the beauty and value of your home.

At IWP Dansk we have been manufacturing and installing windows for over 35 years for homes across the country. All our windows are hand-made in the UK, providing a unique sense of attention to detail and character.

Our dedicated care and attention in the re-creation of the original frame enables us to retain the character of traditional windows while still complying with all heritage and conservation building regulations. Hand crafting our windows in the UK allows us to retain traditional skills, use local suppliers and provide flexibility to our customers.

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Why is it important to maintain your sash windows?


Prevent draught – keep warm and reduce your heating bills

Ill-fitting sash windows are highly inefficient; responsible for up to 30% wasted energy heating use! Investment in re-glazing and fixing your draughty windows will not only prevent cold air entering your home, but will save you huge amounts on your energy bills and also add immense value to your property.

Eliminate rotting wood and mould – prevent full window replacement

British weather is unkind to timber frame windows. The wet weather, particularly within the winter months, can cause rotting, especially if your windows haven’t been painted or treated properly. Over time this can result in the need to replace large chunks of the window sills and frames, and even lead to full window replacement. However if the rot is caught early, IWP Dansk can treat sections with our unique resin repair treatment which lasts the life of the timber! Making it a cheaper alternative to replacing the timber. Get in touch to find out more.

Block out external noise

Poor fitting or single glazed windows can result in external noise; whether it be from passing traffic, street noise or even from rattling windows in the wind. Not only can this be extremely annoying but will also depreciate the value of your property. If you’ve noticed more external noise, this could be a good time to fix your windows. IWP Dansk offer slim line double glazing which maintains the style of your windows whilst also dampening external noise. Get in touch for more information.

Ensure optimum operation for ventilation and safety

It is common for older sash windows to be sealed shut or to get stuck when operating. It’s vital for windows to be operational, both from a ventilation point of view as well as for safety as an escape route in an emergency.

The best way to treat this problem is by sanding back or replacing parts of the window casement and the weights which are used to open and close the windows. We can ensure your windows open and close seamlessly and hold at the position of your choice.

Maintain the value of your home

Timber sash windows add so much to your property – they are a feature of both the room and the whole home. As such maintaining your sash windows to a high standard will help protect the overall value of your home. If your windows are looking a little tired or letting your home down inside or out, let us help with a free consultation.

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