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Specialist Access and Fleet Hire - IWP Dansk

For all those difficult hard to reach places that conventional scaffolding, mechanical and powered access can’t get to, we can provide a unique solution with our specialist spider lifts.

Small enough to fit through a door way but big enough to reach up to 22m with a two-man team in the basket. Working on tracks we don’t damage any interior flooring and can displace weight evenly as opposed to the conventional access methods. With most of our modern fleet now dual operated on both lithium battery and silent diesel engines we can work outside quietly and inside on battery.

New Fleet Hire - IWP Dansk As part of our services on the window works our site teams use the fleet to help get to areas where scaffolding can’t get to or where it may not be needed. Key members of our site staff are fully IPAF trained to suit our plant so we can operate them on all our sites. As well as using this service inhouse ourselves we also offer the external hire of our fleet to other companies and main contractors. We can deliver nationwide with a fully qualified and trained driver/operator. So should you require an access solution get in touch and we can either carry out the necessary works or just provide the powered access.

We were working on a school project and the client had procured scaffolding costs. We proposed the use of our specialist access fleet to provide access to carry out the external refurbishment and the painting. This proposal was accepted and we saved between £20-40K for the client on this single project, this also saved time not erecting and dismantling scaffold.

Saving time and money for clients… it doesn’t get any better! We can be both your window and access solution to any problem.

We are currently setting up a separate sales team dedicated to the orders and logistics but for the interim be sure to contact us on the details provided on our website and we will be able to provide a bona-fide and competitive quotation. (We’ll be sure to beat it and provide a better service than the rest of the market!)

For all details on what types of plant we operate please see the technical downloads below.


Specialist Access Hire Fleet - TD120T - IWP Dansk
Specialist Access Hire Fleet - CTE TRACCESS 170 - IWP Dansk
Specialist Access Hire Fleet - Nifty 90 - IWP Dansk


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