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5 Ways to Maintain your Windows

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Are your sash windows looking shabby, rotten, or they don’t open or rattle?

Here are 5 ways to maintain them:

1. On average, wooden windows need replacing every five – eight years due to weather damage and general wear and tear. UPVC may seem like a more affordable, energy efficient way of replacing your windows, but actually, your originals can be just as good and more cost efficient, not to mention, better looking!

2. Keep your windows well ventilated. By opening them reduces condensation which minimises water retention.

3. Get any rotten patches repaired sooner rather than later as rot spreads.

4. Sand down any flakey paint and repaint them which can help sticky windows.

5.  Check your sash cords. Simply replacing them can prolong the life of your windows for many years.

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