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Steel, aluminium or timber?

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When looking at new windows and doors – the biggest question can be what material to use. With older buildings it can be that you have to use certain materials as they are listed and have strict requirements, others it can be up to the architect, designer or client.

At IWP Dansk, we can supply all different types of windows and doors in a variety of materials. We have worked on modern hotels with curved aluminium radial windows and historical properties which require traditional timber sash windows or steel framed windows like K1 Knightsbridge to match the heritage of the building.

We can design, manufacture and install any of the three main window materials; steel, wood and aluminium either in-house at our purpose-built workshop or by one of our trusted market leading partners.

We have put together a handy table with the advantages of each material so you can decide which is best for your property or project:


Steel Timber Aluminium Plastic
Appearance Incredibly strong! Steel is available in smooth or textured finishes in endless colour combinations. Traditional high-end appearance which can be painted or varnished to leave a stunning finish that is in keeping with the building – both new and old. Lightweight and slim line with an aesthetically pleasing appearance, available in a range of finishes Able to mimic almost grains of wood – however can appear more clunky and less in keeping with the property
Endurance Won’t ever shrink, crack or warp Timber windows and doors are incredibly strong and with proper care can last as long as the building – however, they do need painting every 5 years and checking over Weather resistant and unlikely to dent and rust Finish will fade in sunlight and over time will begin to show signs of age with very little you can do to prevent it.
Energy Efficiency Highly efficient Highly efficient Typically energy efficient Good insulation values
Security The best solution for those concerned with home or business security as one of the strongest materials available. Available with third party certification which are regulated by the police. Very strong and robust so ideal for keeping your home and business safe. Available with third party certification which are regulated by the police Less strong than timber and steel but still do a good job of protecting the contents. Not particularly secure due to a wide lack of reinforcement, best suited to low risk domestic properties
Maintenance Low maintenance if purchasing a quality product, cheaper options may rust if not properly primed and painted Requires regular maintenance Low maintenance if not fully glazed or in a marine environment Very low maintenance and impervious to rot, usually comes with a good warranty
Cost Steel is very cost effective when you consider how long it will last for and with little maintenance – they are expensive in the first instance but a good investment. Can be more expensive due to the nature of the product however with the right treatment they can last a lifetime making them also a good investment. Slightly less expensive than steel windows but still more than timber Inexpensive in comparison to the other 3 materials but sometimes with a life span of 15 years you can find yourself replacing them before you know it!


Steel v Wood v Aluminium v plastic – evaluation

Timber windows provide a higher end look and finish for any building – new or old. And with the very latest technology can offer longevity, great energy efficiency and security. Steel windows give security, style, durability, and at the same time, are the best investment if you require fire protection, insulation and thermal control properties. Aluminium can be an expensive option but is great for creating a truly bespoke finish like rounded or curved windows which are ideal for communal buildings and the public sector. Plastic is a cost effective alternative but is lacking in looks, protection and longevity.

So therefore, Aluminium, timber or steel are a great choice for any project but its key to make sure the right material matches the job…

How we can help

At IWP Dansk we offer a truly unique service of offering all 3 materials as an option – all managed by us giving you complete peace of mind with whatever material you choose.

We can also ensure each and everyone matches your specification – we have worked on some of the worlds most highly specified windows and doors and not only met the criteria but exceeded it, so whatever material you choose with IWP Dansk, we can guarantee you will be happy for years to come!

If you would like more information on our range of windows and doors and range of materials – please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly experts to come.

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