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Winters coming! It’s time to check your sash windows!

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Here are the signs you need to be looking for when checking your sash windows. Remember, keeping your sash windows in good condition saves you money on bills, helps the environment, adds value to your property and protects you and your home!

When timber sash windows are looked after properly they can last as long as the building! Making them the ideal choice for your property as they look great, last longer than a conventional uPVC window, save you money with their thermal efficiency and add value to your property.

Here at IWP Dansk, wherever possible, we always try and restore the original window to keep the charm of the building and save the client money whilst protecting the environment. This is why we have put together some signs to look out for to ensure you are keeping your timber sash windows healthy and they aren’t letting you down! Remember, if you catch the problem early, it’ll be better for your windows and wallet!

Here are some signs you might need to give your timber sash windows some TLC!

Draughty and ill-fitting windows
Sash windows can often let cold air in and hot air out through small gaps – making your window highly inefficient – heat loss through windows can be responsible for 25%–30% of heating energy use – that’s an enormous expense and bad for the environment. They can often be fixed with new casing or re-glazing your current windows with double glazing (we offer slimline glazing!). The investment in re-glazing and fixing your draughty windows can save you HUGE amounts on your energy bills and also add immense value to your property – get in touch with our experts to find out more.

Rotting wood and mould
British weather often brings a fair amount of rain! Especially in the winter time… this can cause your timber windows to rot away if they haven’t been painted or treated properly. Over time this can mean you have to replace large chunks of the window sils and the frames and even sometimes replace the whole window… So, if you do spot any signs of rot or mould give us a call on 01924 220077 or email our experts on info@iwpdansk.comwho can often treat the section of rot with our unique resin repairtreatment which is inexpensive and lasts the life of the substrate i.e. timber! Making it a cheaper alternative to replacing the timber.

External noise!
if it’s not the rattle from the wind it could be external noise coming in which is causing you annoyance. Road traffic or passes by can become a very distracting, not to mention a fast way to depreciate the value of your property. If you have noticed external noises more so, this could be a good time to fix your windows. We offer slim line double glazing so it keeps the good looks of your windows but also offers you a peaceful and warm evening!

Windows sealed shut or sliding shut when opened!
The best way to ventilate our homes is by opening a window and letting the natural air in – its crucial for our homes to have the occasional airflow to decrease the chances of damp. Also, after a summer like we have just had in the UK it’s vital to keep you cool! Often with older sash windows that have seen multiple layers of paint, sometimes botched paint work and poorly treated windows, sash windows can end up being sealed shut or get stuck when operating – neither one ideal! More alarmingly too, it could prove dangerous with windows offering a vital and lifesaving way out in case of an emergency. The best way to treat this problem is by sanding back or replacing parts of the window casement and the weights which are used to open and close the windows and hold it at the position of your choice. We can ensure your windows open and close seamlessly and hold at the position of your choice, not the windows!

Windows are like furniture! 
You wouldn’t let a chair or table start to rot and crumble or if it had multiple stains you’d want to wash them off or replace the item… The same goes for your windows – timber sash windows add so much to your property – they are a feature of a room and building. Here at IWP Dansk, we see them as furniture and one the most important aspects of a building both externally and internally. So, if your windows are looking a little tired or letting your home down inside or out – let us help with a free consultation and let us be your window to success!

At IWP Danskwe are passionate about windows and have been for over 35 years. We have worked on some of the UK’s most iconic buildings; restoring and manufacturing 100’s of bespoke windows for them as well as one off windows for homes across the UK and further afield. We treat every window with the same passion and care as if it was our own.

We have built a team of experts who are able to advise, design, restore, manufacture and install windows to the highest standard. We offer advice on renovation and repair projects – we can even help with planning applications for listed properties!

If you would like more information on any of the above points or have a question about your windows, please give us a call on 01924 220077, email us on or fill in the form below and let us be your window to success!

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