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Working with McLaren to deliver over 600+ highly specified and bespoke aluminium radius curved windows.

Client: McLaren Construction

31st January 2018

Camden Town Hall Annexe - IWP Dansk
Project Name Location Team Date Value
Camden Town Hall Annexe
London Major Project Installation team (London & South West) Sept ’16 – May 18 £1.6M

Camden Town Hall Windows - IWP DanskIWP Dansk designed, procured, supplied and installed highly specified bespoke aluminium windows to this amazing hotel landmark in London.

Working closely with international suppliers, the design consultants and our specialist supply chain we delivered over 600 radius cornered curved windows. Lots of solutions were provided along the way to help the client and our team ensure a perfect fit. From laser scans for precision manufacture, top grouting and weatherproofing facades for equal fits.

We also brought the prototype through all the necessary industry testing to ensure this ‘one-off’ not only surpassed looks but also conformed with the highest performance. In addition to this work we are also installing the ground floor and 8th floor timber windows; as well as the highly bespoke oak cladding to the 8th floor apartments.

This project has been one of our favourites to work on and build a partnership with McLaren.

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